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New Insta360 Flow Pro | AVAILABLE NOW | Free Shipping

Insta360 Connect
  • Revolutionize your hybrid meetings with Insta360 Connect, a new AI video bar with dual-4K cameras and a 14-mic array for professional video conferences in small and mid-sized meeting rooms. 
  • Simply connect a laptop and you're ready to start. Works with all major online meeting platforms.
  • There is an early bird downpayment of US$100. This will deduct US$200 from the final price, which is expected to be between US$1500 and US$2000.
  • We will send a voucher to deduct the downpayment from the total cost at launch. Each voucher is only valid for one order.
  • The downpayment is 100% refundable before shipping. However, if you refund the downpayment after pre-ordering ends, you will no longer be eligible for the early bird price at launch. Shipping is expected to be in the fourth quarter.
  • This product must be purchased separately and cannot be purchased with other items in the shopping cart.
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Insta360 Connect
Insta360 Connect