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New Insta360 Flow Pro | AVAILABLE NOW | Free Shipping

Insta360 Extended Warranty
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For X4
  • This service is applicable to Insta360 X4. For more information, please refer to the Service Agreement.
  • The service is available if you have already purchased an Insta360 camera and the product is not activated or has been activated no longer than 30 days. The service agreement will be sent to your valid email address. Please pay attention to your email inbox.
  • Cover is for the selected camera only. Products not officially released by Insta360 and collaborations are not covered.

For GO 3S
For Ace Pro
For Ace
For X3
For GO 3
For Flow Pro
For ONE RS (1-Inch 360 excluded)
For ONE RS 1-Inch 360 Edition (Upgrade Bundle excluded)
For ONE X2
For Link
For Flow
Insta360 Extended Warranty
After placing your order, this service will be automatically binded and activated to the camera virtually according to the serial number
For X4