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Insta360 TradeUp Program

You can save up to $40 on an all-new Insta360 action cam, including ONE RS and ONE X2! Just send us your old cam for recycling. And we mean old. That beater you bought in 2012? It's eligible. We'll take cameras in any condition and from just about any brand. Click below to check your trade-in value.

*For more information, please refer to the Insta360 TradeUp Terms and Conditions.

How do I TradeUp?

Discover your TradeUp value with our calculator.

Buy an Insta360 action cam with a sweet discount.

After purchase, send us your old cam. We'll cover shipping.

We'll check your old cam and send you a new Insta360 action cam.

  • 1Discover your TradeUp value with our calculator.

    Click “TradeUp Now” to provide some details about your trade-in camera and receive an estimated value.

  • 2Buy an Insta360 action cam with a sweet discount.

    If you accept the estimated value, just follow the instructions to buy your shiny new Insta360 action cam with your TradeUp discount.

  • 3After purchase, send us your old cam. We'll cover shipping.

    After you pay for your new Insta360 action cam, you will receive an email. Please follow the instructions to pack your old camera and ship it to us within 30 days. The shipping is on us, just make sure to surround your camera with suitable filler material to protect it. We do not assume liability for any damages during shipping.

  • 4We'll check your old cam and send you a new Insta360 action cam.

    After your camera arrives, our experts will check your device within five business days. After that, we will arrange shipping for your new Insta360 action cam.

Frequently Asked Questions

Anything else you're pondering? Check out the FAQs below

  • What is Insta360 TradeUp?

    Insta360 TradeUp allows customers to trade in an old camera for a discount on a brand new Insta360 action cam. This program is only available in U.S, Japan and Mainland China at this time.

  • What type of cameras can we trade in?

    We'll take almost any brand. Try our calculator at the TradeUp now button to find out!

  • Which Insta360 cameras can I buy with Insta360 TradeUp?

    Insta360 ONE RS (excluding 1-Inch 360 Edition) and ONE X2 are eligible. Collaborated products are not included in the TradeUp program!

  • How do I get a discount with Insta360 TradeUp?

    We have a calculator for you to figure out the value of your camera. Based on what you tell us, we'll offer you a discount on the new Insta360 action camera of your choice. The discount cannot be combined with any other offers, temporary discounts or promo codes; applied to previous purchases; nor exchanged for cash.

  • How many cameras can I trade in?

    You can trade in as many as you want, but you have to register each camera separately. Only one discount is allowed per camera purchase.

  • Do I need to return my SD card and accessories?

    No need for that, you only need to return your eligible device and its battery for trade-in, just make sure to remove your SD card before sending it to us. We will not be liable for the cost of shipping the SD card back to you.